How to Buy a Diamond Ring? Ring Guide

Engagement Ring Guide

Picking out the right engagement ring can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Take your time to consider the following central factors and you may find that you are up to the task.

The conventional diamond Engagement Rings leave three core issues to be considered during the purchase process: defining a budget, choosing a setting, and choosing a diamond.

Defining Your Budget

Classic, radiant and eternal, a diamond engagement ring is meant to last forever. Only you can decide how much to spend, and it is important to clearly define your budget. Quality, however, should never be sacrificed. A smaller, well-crafted, classic and simple affordable engagement ring may be more meaningful to you than a poorly-fashioned discounted piece that may not endure.

How Much Should You Spend on Engagement Rings?

There is no right or wrong answer. Rather, the answer varies according to your personal finances and what you think is appropriate for spending on an engagement ring, Naturally, you would want the highest quality, most inexpensive engagement ring you can find.

Choosing A Diamond

Once you outline a budget, you might decide to begin your ring search by choosing the centerpiece diamond. The diamond is the focal point of the engagement ring and the greatest part of your investment. Define the characteristics that you find are the most important and work within your budget. 

Choosing A Setting

Rather than beginning by choosing a diamond, you might want to begin your ring search by choosing settings that fit your fiance's taste, character and lifestyle. Notice the jewelry she wears from day today. Is it gold, silver, platinum? Does she prefer pearls, diamonds or gemstones? Get a sense of her personal taste by asking friends and family. Take note of her lifestyle as well. Is she active? If so, you may want to consider a more durable setting.


Platinum: The most durable, pure and hypoallergenic precious metal. Resistant to wear and tear. Relatively expensive.

Yellow Gold: Traditional. Most common engagement ring metal. More malleable and susceptible to damage. Less expensive.

White Gold: Classic, yet modern. More malleable and susceptible to damage than platinum, slightly more durable than yellow gold. Less expensive.

Learn more about Precious Metals

Setting Style

Solitaire: The most popular setting for a diamond engagement ring. Simple and classic. Features one centrally placed diamond typically held in place by prongs.

Three Stone: Showcases three diamonds meant to represent past, present and future.

Pave: Pronounced "pa-vay". Features a band and/or diamond frame in which small diamonds are set very close together. The diamonds are embedded in small impressions made in the metal and held in place by tiny prongs or beads The effect is of a ring that appears to be paved with tiny diamonds.

Browse through our Complete Engagement Rings Collections: to make your job of searching for the right ring a bit easier we've already picked a perfect stone for a perfect setting.

Anniversary Ring Guide

The anniversary ring has become a touching and traditional way to commemorate any special anniversary. With the engagement ring marking the beginning of matrimony and the wedding ring sealing it, the anniversary ring serves as a reminder and symbolic renewal of the love and foundation of a couple’s marriage or relationship.

There are lots of anniversary ring styles that you can choose from. All of our anniversary rings are crafted in 14K, 18K, and Platinum.

When shopping for anniversary ring consider the following styles:

Five Stone Ring

Five stone anniversary ring is an excellent choice as 5 year wedding anniversary gift, or just to make a birthday or other special occasion even more meaningful. The five stone diamond ring is also enjoying popularity as an engagement ring, and these 5 diamond band ring styles are an excellent way to make the proposal and engagement events especially memorable.

Seven Stone Ring

Just like a five stone anniversary ring seven stone ring is a great choice as a wedding anniversary gift. Regardless if it’s given to celebrate 5th, 7th or 10th year of marriage it will surely make her day special. Seven stone diamond rings come in a variety of styles. Rather than selecting round diamonds to be creative and explore rings like seven stone cushion cut diamond rings, seven stone princess cut diamond rings, seven stone emerald cut diamond rings or seven stone Asscher cut diamond rings.

Nine Stone Ring

Nine stone diamond anniversary rings are a great option if you are going for an all-around look, but don’t want to invest in diamonds that won’t be seen behind the finger. These style rings can be matched to her current wedding band or worn on its own.

Wedding Ring Guide

The exchange of wedding rings between husband and wife has become a traditional way to celebrate the bond between husband and wife. Today, wedding rings range in style from simple and small to large and ornate. While different cultures have their own unique traditions, the wedding ring can be found in various forms all over the world.

Comfort-Fit Wedding Rings

When you shop for wedding bands, you'll be asked lots of questions about what you're looking for. One question will probably be, "Do you want comfort fit or regular fit?" Do you know the difference?
Comfort fit bands are designed with a rounded inside so they slide on easier and sit on your finger more comfortable, as the name suggests. There are degrees of comfort fit, as well. "Light comfort fit" may only be very slightly rounded on the inside, "heavy comfort fit" will be a very thick (from inside to outside) band, and then the regular comfort fit is somewhere in between.
Comfort fit, or internally round, bands are definitely more comfortable for people who have to frequently remove their rings, and for people who are not used to wearing rings, so they are especially popular among men. Because comfort fit rings are thicker from inside to out, they have more metal content than standard rings and maybe much more expensive. Regular "half-round" rings don't have the luxurious feel of a comfort fit band, but the truth is that once the ring is on your finger, you don't feel much of a difference.
No matter what you're wearing, if it's on your finger for the rest of your life, eventually you get used to it. It's up to you to decide if the extra cost of a comfort fit band is worth it to you.

Diamond-Cut Wedding Bands

Haniken Jewelers offers a wide collection of diamond cut wedding bands. Diamond cut bands are your traditional wedding bands with a contemporary twist where design elements and edges are cut by a diamond.

You can find artistic hand-braided designs as well as contemporary and traditional designs of wedding bands on the site. Diamond cut wedding bands are offered in 14k gold, 18k gold and Platinum.

Handmade Wedding Bands

Handmade wedding bands have few distinct features: these bands are artistic and for the most part hand woven. Haniken Jewelers offers handmade wedding bands designed in 14k gold, 18k gold and platinum. Our handmade wedding bands also come in yellow gold, two-toned gold, and platinum varieties. Among these, you can find designs such as double braided two-tone wedding bands, high polished and braided wedding bands, handwoven leaves wedding bands, comfort fit and stylish wedding bands, tricolor braided wedding bands and lots more.

Classic Wedding Bands

A classic wedding band also goes by ‘plain wedding band’ does not necessarily have to be 'plain-looking'. On another note, its simplicity brings even more elegance to the piece itself. Plain has never exactly meant ordinary nevertheless it stands for a wedding band of graceful simplicity and most of the time, this kind of ring is correspondingly recognized as a 'classic' piece.

Haniken Jewelers offer classic wedding bands of white gold, platinum, yellow gold or further metals, the plain wedding band is well acknowledged for its natural magnificence and beauty all its own. Learn More About Precious Metals. Whether crafted out of the yellow gold, white gold or platinum, plain wedding bands prove to be very stylish and always in style rings.

When picking a classic wedding band to consider the width and the thickness. Most of our wedding bands are comfortable fit that means they come 1.5mm and 2.0mm in thickness. The standard classic width for men’s wedding band would be 4mm to 6mm, where ladies range from 2mm to 4mm. However, there are no rules set in stone and it is up to you to choose what’s right for you and your loved one.

Two-Tone Wedding Bands

Looking for something out of the ordinary? You can think in terms of a two-tone wedding band. Haniken Jewelers offer a variety of two-toned wedding band designs that will certainly add style to your wardrobe. You can buy traditional wedding bands if you are looking for something a bit more traditional. Our website provides both contemporary and traditional wedding bands that can satisfy almost any search. If you can’t find a band of your dreams feels free to discuss it with one of our knowledgeable staff members. Custom designs are also available and can be delivered within 24 to 72 hours.

All of the two-tone wedding bands featured on this site come in 14K gold, 18K gold, and Platinum. Multi-color wedding bands are also in stock.

What Metal To Choose When Shopping For Two-Toned Wedding Band?

Platinum is one of the best metal choices when it comes to contrasting or two-toned ring varieties. The two-tone rings come in a variety of designs and you can also go in for contemporary designs. The unique pink and red hues of 18K rose gold are unusual in any ring and will be doubly so in a two-tone ring.

You can also select two-tone wedding bands which come as sets with brilliant round diamonds and also in inlaid and braided versions. The two-toned or multi-color wedding bands primarily have more than one metal in their design. Learn More about Precious Metals.

Eternity Ring Guide

An eternity band is a band with diamonds that go the whole way around. Traditionally, this style of ring was given on a wedding anniversary as an upgrade from the original basic wedding band. It also can be worn on its own or with an engagement ring.

Modern eternity bands are modern yet classic and are a perfect symbol of your everlasting commitment and love. You can shop for eternity bands using the site which offers an exquisite collection of eternity bands made in 14k gold, 18k gold, PT950 platinum, white gold and lots of other varieties.

You can also shop for contemporary designs such as round cut, princess cut, and baguette-cut eternity wedding bands to impress your loved one.

The novel varieties of eternity wedding bands displayed at the site cannot be found anywhere else.

Some of the eternity band designs displayed on the site include prong set diamond eternity wedding bands, high polished edge eternity wedding bands, Bezel set round diamond eternity bands, channel set diamond eternity wedding bands, eternity wedding bands in 18k white and yellow gold and lots more.

Our eternity bands have a timeless quality and exquisite craftsmanship and can be cherished forever.