Necklace Guide

Necklace Guide

Necklaces and pendants are worn day and night. Haniken Jewelers carry a classic collection of diamond and precious stone necklaces and pendants. 

Diamond Necklace
Diamond necklace is a statement regardless of the size. Everyone will be looking at her when she’ll enter the room wearing this romantic and fashionable gift. Adored by women all over the world, diamond necklaces roll luxury and romance into one exceptionally sparkly package.

Diamond necklaces come in variety of styles. Most popular diamond necklace is a tennis necklace: it’s a strand of diamonds placed in one row and going three quarters or all around her neck. Tennis necklace can feature diamonds of different shape and sizes. 
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Gemstone Necklace 
Gemstone necklace is a jewelry piece that features gemstones as a focal point. Diamonds making the piece even more strikingly beautiful can also compliment gemstones. Gemstone necklaces come in variety of colors: red with rubies, blue with sapphires, green with emeralds, yellow with fancy diamonds and more… Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor and Karisma Kapoor wore most popular gemstone necklaces of all times. 

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Pearl Necklace
Pearl necklaces have become a classic jewelry piece for women all over the world. Whether it’s a simple pearl strand or a diamond pearl necklace you can never go wrong with a classic gift like this one. They are always classy, elegant and quite flexible as wardrobe accessories. When choosing a pearl necklace, you should consider lengths of pearl necklaces you plan to buy. You should choose the suitable length according to her dress and skin tone.

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Pendant Types
Pendants serve as a single, dazzling highlight to a necklace, with a myriad of designs and sizes available. Below are some of the most popular pendant styles: 
Diamond Pendant:
A timeless and romantic choice, the diamond pendant is usually a simple setting that allows the brilliance and beauty of the diamonds to take center stage. These pendants can be found in various shapes: circle, oval, journey, solitaire pendants, pave pendants and more. They can also feature different diamond cuts, although the most popular varieties are round, princess, and pear cut diamonds. For maximum impact and visual appeal, choose a pendant with diamond grading of at least I in color and SI2 in clarity.

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Gemstone Pendant:

Gemstone pendant is a modern and trendy choice that can bring color and sparkle to her outfit. Gemstone can be set alone or can be complimented by sparkling diamonds that will bring extra brilliance and beauty. These pendants can be found in various designs: tear drop, flower shapes, circles, hearts and more. Gemstones can also come in different colors: blue when featuring a sapphire, red with ruby, green with emerald and other colors when placed with semi-precious stones.

When choosing gemstone pendant think of her favorite color or her birthstone. Pendants with gemstones make a great gift for all types of occasions. 

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Pearl Pendant:

Pearl pendants usually showcase the beauty of a single pearl. It can be white, yellow or black and can also be complimented by smaller diamonds. Like the diamond solitaire, pearl solitaires can be worn with casual or formal attire. When choosing pearl pendant consider the length and size. Length can always be adjusted by picking longer or shorter chain. As per the size of a pearl and it’s color learn more by clicking Pearl Education 


Diamond & Gemstone Pendants

Diamonds and gemstones always go hand in hand when it comes to creating beautiful estate jewelry. When looking for a modern twist to a classic pendant consider sapphire, ruby or other gemstone accents. 

Get additional inspiration from celebrities and red carpet styles. Gemstone and diamond pendants come in varieties of styles: prong or pave set with alternating precious stones, gemstone as a focal point with diamond accents around it or visa versa. Gemstone and diamond pendants can always be dressed up if need to be by adding diamond by the yard necklace. So whatever the occasion is gemstone and diamond pendant may be a good choice as a special gift.
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